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September 2010

Does Your Teenager Need Help?

by Staff, on Does Your Teenager Need Help, get outside help, outside help for teens, outside help for troubled teens, troubled teen, troubled teenager

Sometimes parents get confused by their child’s behavior, in most cases it turns out to be typical teen curiosity and nothing more, but sometimes the behavior of your teen may be the sign that he or she need outside help, so how do you recognize those signs? What are the signs you need to look for related to mental issues, behavior issues and emotional issues that would require…



April 2010

Warning Signs of Struggling Teens

by Staff, on at risk, at risk youth, at risk youth blog, risk youth, Struggling Teens, teen behavior, troubled teen, troubled teenagers, warning sign, Warning Signs, Warning Signs of Struggling Teens

There are plenty of stories that have a sad ending and most of them are followed by comment like, “We didn’t even see it coming.” I hear that a lot, you hear that a lot, but that is not true, maybe they really didn’t see it coming, but that was the parents fault. Every single troubled teenager, every single struggling teenager shows warning signs, and not just one…



December 2007

Is your kid prepared for adulthood?

by Staff, on boarding school, leaders of the pack, SCLA, Spring Creek Lodge Academy, troubled teen

Proper education enable children in acquiring the tools they need to become responsible members of the community. And that’s why with Spring Creek Lodge Academy (SCLA), they help all students develop their full potential academically, socially, emotionally, and physically—things SCLA deemed important to prepare them for adulthood. Spring Creek Lodge Academy is a year round boarding school designed to provide a highly structured and scheduled environment for troubled…