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March 2011

How to Prevent Teen Alcohol and Drug Abuse in Illinois

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Nothing solves the problem better then the prevention of it. Teen substance abuse begins in home. Parental influence is the main reason why teens stay off alcohol and drugs. Teens whose parents teach them about risks of substance abusing have 50% more chance never to try drugs and to avoid underage drinking.   In other words, parents who do not engage in prevention of alcohol and drug abuse, have more…



March 2011

More Children from Texas Need Alcohol and Drug Abuse Treatment

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Many families from Texas discover that their teenager has some type of addiction. It comes as quite a shock, for this is a very serous problem in deed, no matter if alcohol or drugs caused it. In some cases even, teens have problems both with alcohol, and with drugs.   When a teenager finds himself in this situation, it is difficult for him to get back to normal way of…