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Teens Dealing With Stress



November 2010

Helping Your Teen Deal With Stress

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It can be very easy to perceive a child’s life as carefree without worries, but it is far from being like that, our children can also experience stress and stressful situations on the same levels as we do, but some of them still don’t have a proper defense mechanism. We all know that school and social interaction can be very stressful for teens, especially peer pressure…



June 2010

Teens Dealing With Stress

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Stress is a big influence on teen behavior and it can be caused by many things ranging from moving to another place, divorce of parents, loss of a loved one, home troubles, school troubles and many other things. The biggest issue about teen stress is that it may lead to many other things such as depression, anxiety, behavior issues, drug and substance abuse, insomnia and plenty of other mental and…