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October 2010

Teens & Steroids 102 โ€“ Anabolic Steroids

by Staff, on anabolic steroids, at risk youth, signs of steroid use, steroid risk, teen anabolic steroid use, teens and steroids, warning signs of steroid use

We covered the rising use of steroids by teens in the last post, now we are actually going to cover what are anabolic steroids. Anabolic steroids are man made synthetic hormones used to stimulate the effects of testosterone male hormone. We said that there are two types of teens that use steroids, athletes and emotional liable teens that back down under media pressure. Not just media pressure, but also school…



October 2010

Teens & Steroids 101

by Staff, on anabolic steroids, at risk youth, dangers of steroid use, increase use of steroids, teen steroid use, teens and steroids

Although we think that our children are safe from steroids because it is illegal for teens to buy them in a store, it is however very easy for them to order them online or find a friend that is 21 to buy steroids for them. The bottom line, we are wrong, our teens are in danger of steroids all the time and they can get them very easy. For those…