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April 2011

Massachusetts Parents and Rearing of Their Children

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While we are young and single, there are many things to worry about, but we need to take care only for ourselves. When we have children, everything is different, as we have someone else to put on a first place. It is a big responsibility, which we have to take very seriously. We can never again put our problems on a first place. Child rearing brings you a lot of…



April 2011

Maryland Parents Go Online for Parenting Blogs

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Bloging is a modern way of internet communication, accepted and practiced by many Maryland parents. This is a fast and easy way to learn something useful or meet others, who share your every day problems and fears. Many parents choose it as they can stay home, save a lot of time, and still gain and share parenting experience. Some parenting blogs have several thousands visitors per day, which not only…



April 2011

Common Problems while Parenting Teenagers for Maine Parents

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When your child comes to teen age, many things will change in life of your family. New problems will appear, different habits will create, you will probably experience differences in a relationship with your kids… and for most Maine parents this is sudden and unexpected so soon. Today, it seems that kids grow faster than before. They seem mature and smarter for their age, and very often get angry…



April 2011

Some Positive Parenting Tips for Louisiana Parents

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Some of Louisiana parents are not handling problems with their teens very well, and they are in need of some positive parenting tips. Here are some basic tips that might be helpful in creating a positive child-parent relationship. Respect your children and treat them as individual persons, with mind and desires of their own. Understand that, even though they are a part of you, they may be different in many…



March 2011

Reading and Writing Drug Abuse Stories as Help for Texas Teens

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Most of the Texas teens believe that it so not such a big deal if they get high or drunk occasionally. Everybody does it, it makes them feel nice – so then why not do it? They are not aware of actual reasons against it, and consequences drug abuse brings. They hear parents talking about them, but don’t actually listen. Hearing them from other teens may be helpful.…



March 2011

An Essay about Teen Drug Abuse in Illinois

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Drug abuse among teens is spreading rapidly across Illinois. Drug addiction is considered a disease, and it is in fact spreading like a virus among our children. In this essay, we will try to explain why the drug abuse problem is so serious.   By drugs, we mean all the substances that have negative effects, especially on child’s health, including cigarettes and alcohol, beside over the counter drugs,…



March 2011

Helpful and Misleading Drug Abuse Articles from New York

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Articles can be very helpful written documents, that don’t take much time to read, as they are usually short, but still can provide a lot of useful information. Drug abuse is a great problem now days, so it is no wonder that many articles in papers or on the internet cover this subject.   If you want to find out more about drug problem in order to prevent…



March 2011

Definition of Drug Abuse and Dependence Signs in California Teens

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Drug abuse is compulsive, excessive, and self-damaging use of habit forming drugs or substances, leading to addiction or dependence, serious physiological injury (such as damage to kidneys, liver, heart) and/or psychological harm (such as dysfunctional behavior patterns, hallucinations, memory loss), or death. It is also called substance abuse.   Drug abuse definition can classify three categories:   1. Use - It is when teens or adults use drugs occasionally,…



March 2011

Over the Counter Drug Abuse is Just the Beginning for Florida Teens

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Great number of teenagers from Florida use drugs for non-medical purposes. It seems that they found a way to get high with cheap drugs, which they can even find in their home. Sometimes it is the beginning drug experimenting, sometimes prescription drugs are just the substitutes for the regular drugs they are taking.   In either way, over the counter drug abuse is a serious problem in Florida, as it…



March 2011

How to Prevent Teen Alcohol and Drug Abuse in Illinois

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Nothing solves the problem better then the prevention of it. Teen substance abuse begins in home. Parental influence is the main reason why teens stay off alcohol and drugs. Teens whose parents teach them about risks of substance abusing have 50% more chance never to try drugs and to avoid underage drinking.   In other words, parents who do not engage in prevention of alcohol and drug abuse, have more…