Resources for parents of at-risk and troubled teens.




February 2011

The Statistics on Teenage Drug Abuse in New York

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Parents may not realize just how available illicit drugs are to their children. They may not realize how young children are when they begin to experiment with alcohol and drugs. Statistics can be sobering, and can alert parents to the need to communicate with their children about the dangers of substance abuse and help them develop strategies to cope with peer pressure.   Based on the 2006 and 2007 National…



February 2011

Symptoms of Drug Abuse Among Teens in California

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Drug abuse problem is rising every day among California teens. To deal with this problem, first you must recognize it.   There are many symptoms of drug abuse, and unfortunately, lots of them are hard to be spotted, as they are similar or same as usual changes an average teenager goes through. If, and when you spot some of them, you cannot turn the blind eye and hope that thing…



January 2011

Parenting Teenagers – When to Increase Your Teens Privileges

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One of the biggest questions that comes with parenting teenagers is when they are ready to take on more responsibilities, when are they ready to have more privileges. Of course if you have a troubling teen that causes plenty of trouble and argues with you all the time that is a sign that he is not ready to take on more responsibilities as freedom, but it also means that you…



March 2010

Teen Violence: Youth Violence

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Teen Violence or also known as the Youth Violence does not only involve shootings. Teen violence activities include fights with other teens or other group of teens. It may also include suicide and gang fights. Teen violence is a real situation in our society nowadays and it can affect a big part of the teen’s life. Teen Violence does not only mean violence, it can also be a teen…



March 2010

It Can Be Good or Bad: Peer Pressure

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Peer pressure is what some of the teens are undergoing right now. This is one of the pressure that teenager will usually encounter in this stage of their lives. Teen peer pressure can either be a good or a bad influence to the life of a teen. Teen peer pressure can be bad if your child or your troubled teen is involved in gang members who use drugs and alcohol.…



January 2010

Smoking – Effects on Health and Appearance

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It’s amazing the kind of transformation one goes through once they enter into their teens. One starts experimenting with many things they consider ‘cool’ and if not carefully guided might end up doing lots of very regrettable stuff. Experimentation is normally precipitated by the feeling of independence that strikes everybody when they become teens. We all now start feeling like grown ups and want to do the things grown…



January 2010

Prom- Health and Safety tips

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Prom is that special day every teen waits for at the end of high school. It tops the list of special days and events for any high school teen and is one of the most important days for anyone’s life. A lot of thought and preparation goes into this day for many teens. So in order to ensure that it ends up a special day, it is important to…



January 2010

Job Safety for Teens

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The likelihood of sustaining a form of injury at work is much higher for teenagers than it is for adults placed in the same set of working conditions. Since most of  these teenagers will find themselves in periods of time when they will require to take up jobs especially during summer, it is necessary that guardians, employers and the youngsters to be familiar with job safety for teens. To start…



January 2010

Important facts about teen immunizations

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So, why are immunizations important for teens? Teen immunization is important because more and more teens are exposed to diseases such as measles, whooping cough, and mumps, among others. This is because humans can get around more easily due to advances in technology and since these diseases are highly infectious, they spread very fast. If many teens are immunized, these diseases will not spread as fast. Some of the diseases…