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September 2010

Teen Dating and Violence

by Staff, on at risk youth, dating violence, Teen Dating and Violence, teen dating violence, teen violence

Unhealthy teen relationships can start very early, usually at teens age, the fact is that such behavior can last for a lifetime. Most people don’t realize that dating violence starts with simple things when we are kids, such as name calling and teasing. Most people think of this type of behavior as normal, but in some cases the very same type of behavior can ultimately lead to physical…



August 2010



March 2010

Teen Violence: Youth Violence

by Staff, on fights, teen, teen violence, violence, youth violence

Teen Violence or also known as the Youth Violence does not only involve shootings. Teen violence activities include fights with other teens or other group of teens. It may also include suicide and gang fights. Teen violence is a real situation in our society nowadays and it can affect a big part of the teen’s life. Teen Violence does not only mean violence, it can also be a teen…