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Teen Substance Abuse



October 2010

How to Know If You Have a Substance Abuse Issue

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Many teens become scared to death once they realize they have a problem with substance abuse, but most of them often deny that. It is very often that teens don’t realize the seriousness of the situation. If at any time you had someone like a family member or a friend tell you that you have a problem with drugs and alcohol it is the right time to think…



September 2010

Warning Signs of Teen Drug Abuse

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Probably the most horrible things that can happen to a teen and his family is drug abuse. The only way to battle this problem is intervention, the sooner you notice the signs the better, but in most cases teenagers are using drugs for months before anyone notices. In some cases when parents find out about the drug abuse by their teen child they underestimate the seriousness of the issue. If…



September 2010

Teen Substance Abuse Study Reveals New Facts

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A recent study showed that there is a great difference in teen substance abuse on the racial and ethnic level. The study showed that most likely race to drink; smoke and use drugs are Hispanic teens. The study conducted in California also revealed that the least likely to fall for substance abuse were Asian teens. The cause of this new study was the lack of faith in the current intervention…



March 2010

Teen Substance Abuse

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It is common for any teenager to experiment during his or hers adolescence, so teens will try alcohol, cigarette and some of them even drugs. But how many of those teenagers can stop? Some of those teenagers will experiment and then they will move on, some will continue to use any of those substances occasionally and unfortunately some of them will move onto harder substance abuse. It is a fact…