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November 2010

Effective Parenting โ€“ Road to Discipline

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Self-discipline is one thing that children obtain with difficulty; the only way to get to self-discipline is through effective parenting. Effective parenting will make sure that they self-discipline issue is taken care of by teaching their children about interrupting others, not controlling their mouth and being generally wild. But these are all the things to be expected of a small child, after all they are impulsive, but a teen child…



July 2010

Wilderness Programs, A Good Way to Help Your Teen

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Many parents struggle with their teens that don’t know what to do with themselves. You probably had to deal with your teen child a couple of times with his or hers brand new ideas that make your hair stand up straight. Or you had to deal with a teenager that lacks motivation and general interest in anything; these teens need a little push in the right direction. Now…