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November 2010

Teen Drivers โ€“ Greatest Road Hazard

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Teenage drivers are the greatest hazard for the roads. Teens make up approximately around 7% of the entire driving population, but they are responsible for over 20% of all motor vehicle accidents in the US. 14% of all deaths related to motor vehicle accidents are caused by teens. These are just some of the frightening facts related to teen drivers. Well, not all teens are like that, but it is…



March 2010

Raising the Driving Age Limit?

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One of the most talked about issues in the past few weeks has been the driving age, when should kids get their drivers license. We will know soon what they decided, but depending on state to state of course the minimum driving age might be raised to 17 or 18 year old. To understand why that is now the issue we will talk about some statistics and reasons why driving…