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October 2010

Teen Narcissistic Personality Disorder

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A rare form of personality disorder which has been given some media attention lately is NPD or Narcissistic Personality Disorder. This is the only personality disorder which has got nothing to do with genetics, in fact this is a learn behavior and a learned personality disorder which start in the early teens. Teens with NPD begin to have grandiose fantasies and grand views of themselves. Approximately 1% of the total…



October 2010

Teen Histrionic Personality Disorder

by Staff, on at risk youth, Histrionic Personality Disorder, HPD, HPD treatment, teen disorder, Teen Histrionic Personality Disorder, Teen HPD, teen personality disorder

HPD or Histrionic Personality Disorder falls under the group of Dramatic Personality Disorders. Like most personality disorders, people with HPD have distorted image of themselves, very unstable emotions and intense fears. HPD causes a teen to disregard his won feeling of self-worth and sole depends on others for praise and approval. HPD causes teens and adults to seek to be approved from others and to be noticed and recognized, and…



October 2010

Teen Dependent Personality Disorder

by Staff, on at risk youth, Dependent Personality Disorder, DPD, DPD treatment, teen Dependent Personality Disorder, teen disorder, Teen DPD, teen personality disorder

DPD or Dependent Personality Disorder falls under the group of anxiety personality disorders, which are easily recognized by great feelings of fear and nervousness. Teens with DPD feel helpless, they are submissive and they need someone to reassure them of every little thing, they are basically unable to make their own decisions and depend heavily on others. Dependent Personality Disorder is a very frequent personality disorder found equally in both…