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October 2010

Causes of Teen Depression

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The causes of depression in general are not quite determined from the scientific point of view, but some of the major factors have been identified, especially when we talk about teen depression. Well, there is not only one cause; there are several causes that are combined that lead to teen depression. Some of the factors are emotional while others are clearly of physical origin. The most common cause of teen…



October 2010

Warning Signs of Teen Depression

by Staff, on at risk youth, bipolar disorder, major teen depression, seasonal depression, teen depression, teen depression warning signs, teen dysthymia, warning signs of ten depression

We covered the teen depression statistics in the last post, but to understand teen depression better and to take the first step in dealing with teen depression we need to learn and understand the warning signs. We all feel sad or even moody, that is normal, but that doesn’t mean we are depressed. Depression is when those feelings stick around for a few weeks or even more. Since…