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November 2010

Teen Behavior Problems – What is Typical Teen Behavior?

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We all know that the teen years are the years of change. Well, every single teen is unique, but there are certain types of behavior that can be considered as typical teen behavior and not necessarily the cause for teen behavior problem alarm. Teens are bound to experiment; they are seeking independence after all. For most of the parents teen typical behavior will seem strange, the new look, new hair…



November 2010

Parents Guide to Teen Behavior Modification

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Behavior modification is a process used for troubled teens and it involves certain strategies meant to properly address the behavioral issues the teens are presenting. The goal is to change the negative behavior pattern and turn it into a positive behavior pattern. Unlike adults with behavioral issues, teens have a high chance of success with behavior modification therapies. Behavior modification therapy is also meant for teens with disorders like ODD…



June 2010

Teen Privileges

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What is the most typical parent behavior when their child does something wrong? Cutting on their privileges, a simple and true answer. But that works for young kids; teenagers are a totally different story. They get into the age when they start thinking on their own, some automatically get more responsible, while other use excuses they thought up and put a fight when you try to take their privileges away.…



April 2010

Warning Signs of Struggling Teens

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There are plenty of stories that have a sad ending and most of them are followed by comment like, “We didn’t even see it coming.” I hear that a lot, you hear that a lot, but that is not true, maybe they really didn’t see it coming, but that was the parents fault. Every single troubled teenager, every single struggling teenager shows warning signs, and not just one…



April 2010

Communicating With Your Teen Child, a Long Forgotten Art

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Many teen problems start in their own home, unfortunately many parents won't admit that, so they blame it on the school, teachers, friends, but in the end parents need to take most of the responsibility. The reason why that is a fact is because parents have forgotten how to communicate with their children. As our kids are now part of the internet generation we were once a part of the…