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November 2010

Teens Out of Control

by Staff, on at risk youth, out of control behavior, out of control teens, teen behavior issues, teens out of control

We all know that there is a great possibility of out teens getting out of control. We have all heard stories about out of control teens, and most of us always expect the worst. The truth is that teens are developing, they are curious and they want to experiment and find their independence, in some cases it is actually our pressure that leads to their out of control behavior. But…



November 2010

Teen Behavior Problems โ€“ What is Typical Teen Behavior?

by Staff, on at risk youth, teen behavior, teen behavior issues, teen behavior problem, teen behavior problems, typical teen behavior

We all know that the teen years are the years of change. Well, every single teen is unique, but there are certain types of behavior that can be considered as typical teen behavior and not necessarily the cause for teen behavior problem alarm. Teens are bound to experiment; they are seeking independence after all. For most of the parents teen typical behavior will seem strange, the new look, new hair…