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March 2011

What are the Statistics of Teen Drug and Alcohol Abuse in Florida?

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Statistic of drug and alcohol abuse is very important. Government, law enforcement, parents and teacher can use it to follow children’s activities and increase awareness of problem. Many treatment specialists, counselors and other professionals perform it. Here is the data from the spring of 2009, which shows that substance abuse among teens from Florida is on the rise, regarding the data from earlier years.   Most commonly abused…



February 2011

The Statistics on Teenage Drug Abuse in New York

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Parents may not realize just how available illicit drugs are to their children. They may not realize how young children are when they begin to experiment with alcohol and drugs. Statistics can be sobering, and can alert parents to the need to communicate with their children about the dangers of substance abuse and help them develop strategies to cope with peer pressure.   Based on the 2006 and 2007 National…