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November 2010

At Risk Teens – Treatment for Troubled Teens

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Troubled teenager is a phrase used to describe many types of issues teens face. A troubled teen or at risk teen can be anyone having to deal with learning disabilities, drug and alcohol abuse, anger issues, and almost anything you may think of regarding a teen issue that none of us would find positive. So where do we get treatment for our troubled teens? Well it all depends on the…



December 2007

Answering the Need for Special Education

by Staff, on Iowa, Keokuk, Midwest Academy, Specialty Boarding School, TASKS

Midwest Academy is located just north of Keokuk, Iowa. Rich in history, culture and natural beauty, Keokuk, Iowa was named in honor of the Sauk/Fox chief, and is a place of great history and bright future. It is considered “Americas Heartland” where values and the importance of family are still paramount. Midwest Academy implements impacting intervention that includes an effective behavior modification program with a structured daily schedule, a…