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January 2010

Smoking – Effects on Health and Appearance

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It’s amazing the kind of transformation one goes through once they enter into their teens. One starts experimenting with many things they consider ‘cool’ and if not carefully guided might end up doing lots of very regrettable stuff. Experimentation is normally precipitated by the feeling of independence that strikes everybody when they become teens. We all now start feeling like grown ups and want to do the things grown…



July 2008

Smokers and Hearing Loss

by Staff, on hearing loss, negative effects of smoking, smokers, smoking

Recent reports are giving out data that highlights another negative effect of smoking to those who regularly indulge on it, as well as to the people with them who are likely to sniff the smoke that smokers puff out. Based on the report from the Journal of the American Medical Association, smokers have a 70 percent greater chances of having hearing loss. The study on this needs more back-up research…



April 2008

Smoking and kids

by Staff, on smoking, teenage issues, troubled teenagers

The recent survey shows that 62% of 15 years olds already smoke or have tried smoking. Why do kids smoke? Actually, it is their idea of being an adult pushes them towards the bad habit. For most of them smoking means being grown up, and of course being in the crowd. What do you do when you catch your kid smoking? Don't even start to get mad. It will do…