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March 2010

Teenage ADD

by Staff, on ADD, attention deficit, school, teenage, teenager

A teenage individual with ADD can really experience problems when it comes to school and friends. He/ She can experience judgment from others, being ridiculed; this will make the life of the teen miserable rather than happy. Additionally, this ADD is very crucial when it comes to age group. ADD with extreme behavior is usually seen in younger children rather than in teenager. This means that ADD in younger children…



January 2010

Using the internet to find schools, colleges, and libraries

by Staff, on advantages, college, convenient, libraries, online, research, risk, school, schools colleges, search, sources

You can find schools, colleges, and/or libraries by simply walking around the town in search of one, by going through magazines, by getting recommendations from people who have previously used them, or by researching online. Each of these options has some advantages and disadvantages, but the advantages of finding schools, colleges, and/or libraries through the internet are more and the disadvantages are fewer. One reason you should find…