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April 2010

Warning Signs of Struggling Teens

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There are plenty of stories that have a sad ending and most of them are followed by comment like, “We didn’t even see it coming.” I hear that a lot, you hear that a lot, but that is not true, maybe they really didn’t see it coming, but that was the parents fault. Every single troubled teenager, every single struggling teenager shows warning signs, and not just one…



April 2010

Teen Drinking, There Is More to It

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Every time someone speaks about teen drinking issue they tend to repeat all the same things. Yes, they are a great problem and they may cause serious consequences that will scar a child for life, but by doing that they leave out other problems that teen drinking causes. Unfortunately for us all there is more to it than just drunk driving and unwanted pregnancy. Don’t get me wrong, both…



April 2010

Communicating With Your Teen Child, a Long Forgotten Art

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Many teen problems start in their own home, unfortunately many parents won't admit that, so they blame it on the school, teachers, friends, but in the end parents need to take most of the responsibility. The reason why that is a fact is because parents have forgotten how to communicate with their children. As our kids are now part of the internet generation we were once a part of the…



March 2010

Cyber-bullying, New Threat for Teens

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We all know that bullying is one of the biggest problems our teenagers go through in school. Well, most of us know, unfortunately some of us are proud parents of children that do the bullying and close a blind eye to that. That needs to stop, because teenagers are getting more sensitive and at the same time bullying is getting harsher. The consequences of bullying are not just children that…



March 2010

Raising the Driving Age Limit?

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One of the most talked about issues in the past few weeks has been the driving age, when should kids get their drivers license. We will know soon what they decided, but depending on state to state of course the minimum driving age might be raised to 17 or 18 year old. To understand why that is now the issue we will talk about some statistics and reasons why driving…