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June 2010

Teens Dealing With Stress

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Stress is a big influence on teen behavior and it can be caused by many things ranging from moving to another place, divorce of parents, loss of a loved one, home troubles, school troubles and many other things. The biggest issue about teen stress is that it may lead to many other things such as depression, anxiety, behavior issues, drug and substance abuse, insomnia and plenty of other mental and…



June 2010

Runaway Teens

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Kids that run away are increasing each year, and runaway kids have become a very serious problem in the US. One out of seven kids ages 10 to 18 will run away from home at some point. That is an alarming fact, even more alarming is the fact that there are somewhere in between one and three million kids living on the streets in the United States. So you have…



June 2010

Motivating Your Teenager

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If you go around the house all the time telling your teen child to do his homework, clean up his room, or now to get a summer job, you have a problem and the problem is that your teen child is not motivated enough. Just going around the house telling them what to do brings no effect, so you should already know better and stop repeating yourself and try some…



June 2010

Tips For a Summer Job

by Staff, on at risk youth, risk youth blog, summer job, summer job tips, summer jobs, teen summer job, Tips For a Summer Job

American tradition states that teens need to get a job during the summer. Well some need it because of the money, some just want to have one, and some are pressured by the family. Whatever the case you can get the best out of it if you know what to look for. So what do you look for, well you have to be a little picky, after all, you are…



June 2010

Travel Tips for Teens

by Staff, on at risk youth, risk youth blog, safety tips for teens, teen safety, travel and recreation, travel tips, Travel Tips for Teens, travel tips teens

Summer, the favorite time of almost every teen in the world, but where fun is trouble follows. Most children just aim to relax during the holidays and give little thought about safety, health and other important things. Well I can’t blame them, but an advice or two won’t hurt them one bit. Let’s go over some of the most overlooked things during the summer…



June 2010

Teen Privileges

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What is the most typical parent behavior when their child does something wrong? Cutting on their privileges, a simple and true answer. But that works for young kids; teenagers are a totally different story. They get into the age when they start thinking on their own, some automatically get more responsible, while other use excuses they thought up and put a fight when you try to take their privileges away.…



May 2010

Teen Dropping out of School

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Do you want to know the sad truth about teens that drop out of school? Well I will tell you anyway, more than 80% of teens that dropped out of school had passing grades. What do you think that means, well there are several sides to everything, but some of the most important reasons for those kids to drop out of school are the lack of teacher’s engagement and…



May 2010



April 2010

Teen Drinking, There Is More to It

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Every time someone speaks about teen drinking issue they tend to repeat all the same things. Yes, they are a great problem and they may cause serious consequences that will scar a child for life, but by doing that they leave out other problems that teen drinking causes. Unfortunately for us all there is more to it than just drunk driving and unwanted pregnancy. Don’t get me wrong, both…