Resources for parents of at-risk and troubled teens.




February 2011

How to Discipline Children - Teen Problems in California

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Disciplining children in California is a skill that needs to be developed over the years, as your child grows. Ways of discipline will change as it gets older. Positive discipline leads to well-behaved children, which will save from troubles later, when they grow older. Do not mistake discipline with punishment. It is more of learning, giving instructions, setting rules, teaching your child right from wrong. Discipline methods will vary as…



February 2011

Teen Problems - Single Parents from New York Need Help

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Being a parent is a hard. Being a single parent: at least as twice as hard. While you have to play the roll of both mom and dad, you have also to fight financial problem with only one paycheck, instead of two. There is never enough time for your job, child or children, and finally, for yourself. Dating is much harder when you are single with kids. Still, some people,…



February 2011

Becoming a Young Parent in Arkansas โ€“ Teen Problems

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As young people are getting more liberal, engaging in sex relationships during high school, it is no wonder that number of teenage parents is increasing. About 80 percent of those who will become young parents, did not plan this, and are totally unprepared. Arkansas finds itself in to 5 of teen pregnancies, as more that 60 out of 1000 teen girls give birth every year. Abortion rate is low and…



January 2010

National runaway switchboard

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Cases of young people who find it necessary to run away from home for whatever reason prompted the United States Federal Government to set up the National Runaway Switchboard (NRS). This is a confidential communication system that offers services to the runaways and also their relatives. The NRS receives calls from runaways or their relatives who may be reporting their plight. For most of the runaways, they seek a person…