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February 2011

Becoming a Young Parent in Arkansas – Teen Problems

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As young people are getting more liberal, engaging in sex relationships during high school, it is no wonder that number of teenage parents is increasing. About 80 percent of those who will become young parents, did not plan this, and are totally unprepared. Arkansas finds itself in to 5 of teen pregnancies, as more that 60 out of 1000 teen girls give birth every year. Abortion rate is low and…



January 2011

Parenting Teenagers – When to Increase Your Teens Privileges

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One of the biggest questions that comes with parenting teenagers is when they are ready to take on more responsibilities, when are they ready to have more privileges. Of course if you have a troubling teen that causes plenty of trouble and argues with you all the time that is a sign that he is not ready to take on more responsibilities as freedom, but it also means that you…



November 2010

Raising Children – Tips for Parents

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Most parents have to deal with lack of time and dedication for raising their children, in return we get wild teens that have no respect for the authority and are easily swayed, in most cases gullible. So how do we raise teens of character that will know how to deal with issues on their own, so that when our children become teens we wouldn’t have to babysit them…