Resources for parents of at-risk and troubled teens.




April 2011

Parenting Courses keep Maryland Families Strong, Healthy and Happy

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Every job needs preparation. Every job demands certain skills for it. Harder and more responsible job is – more training is acquired in order to do it right. Plenty of parents from Maryland say that parenting is hardest job they ever had to do. That concludes that parenting demands the most training of all jobs. Parenting is a full time job and mistakes you might make could be permanent and…



April 2011

Finding Parent Resources is Helpful for Maine Parents

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Today, it is almost impossible to raise a teen without extra outside help. There are numerous new problems that we face in today’s world, and we simply can’t be prepared for all of them. Still, we have to try to learn as much as we can in order to protect our children. More resources for parents we find - more chance we have to succeed in…



April 2011

Usual Questions on Parenting Louisiana Teens

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Even most excellent parents, who really do a great job on raising children, need help sometimes, not to mention the ones that find parenting harder then they thought it would be. When their kids enter teen age, some parents from Louisiana feel like they are loosing control over their kids and they start asking themselves some simple questions, and they can’t seem to find answers. Answers to parenting…



April 2011

Parenting Sons and Helping Michigan Boys on a Way of Becoming Men

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Some parents, especially fathers, want their sons to become “real men”, treating them differently from their daughters and pushing them more into sports, making them tough. Of course, you cannot raise your boys and girls the same, but just because you have a boy, it does not mean that he doesn’t need affection as well. In fact, while they are younger, many boys from Michigan tend…



April 2011

Do Massachusetts Parents Show Signs of Bad Parenting?

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When we see a child with bad behaving, normally we blame the parents. It isn’t always the case, but mostly it is – bad kids come from bad parents. Not every parent has prepared for being one, which is not a problem when he or she is willing to work on parenting skills. Problem occurs when a parent doesn’t want to be a good one. Neglecting…



April 2011

How to Achieve Better Parenting in Maryland

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In order to have yourself better children, you need to become better parents. This means that it is not enough just to provide your kids everything they need materially, but emotionally too. Because, they might want you to buy them toys and pretty clothes, but what they really need is you and all the time you can afford to dedicate them. It is not easy for many of Maryland parents…



April 2011

Maine Parents, Stay Connected With Your Children

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Many times, as their children get older, Maine parents feel that they are also growing apart from them. When they enter the teen age, children want to explore the world and get to know it behind the boundaries of family home. They want to hang with their friends, meet new people and do stuff on their own. In their busy schedule, there is not much time left for their parents.…



April 2011

Parent Coaching for Parents in Louisiana

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Some Louisiana parents were skeptical about parent coaching, thinking that it is just a way of taking money, and that one can’t learn parenting, but later they admitted they were wrong. Parents, in fact, can learn about parenting, and it can help them become successful parents. It is not enough just to unconditionally love your kid and set a good example, anymore. The world became a big and…



April 2011

What Michigan Parents Can Learn From Magazines?

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As there are all sorts of magazines for us to read, like sport, fashion, gardening   and other, there are also magazines for parents. Perhaps they are not especially popular among man but certainly popular among mothers. Parent magazines can teach us many useful things we can use in our daily family routine. Mothers often find new recipes in these magazines and can therefore continue feed their families healthy…



April 2011

Massachusetts Parents and Rearing of Their Children

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While we are young and single, there are many things to worry about, but we need to take care only for ourselves. When we have children, everything is different, as we have someone else to put on a first place. It is a big responsibility, which we have to take very seriously. We can never again put our problems on a first place. Child rearing brings you a lot of…