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April 2011

Maryland Parents Go Online for Parenting Blogs

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Bloging is a modern way of internet communication, accepted and practiced by many Maryland parents. This is a fast and easy way to learn something useful or meet others, who share your every day problems and fears. Many parents choose it as they can stay home, save a lot of time, and still gain and share parenting experience. Some parenting blogs have several thousands visitors per day, which not only…



January 2010

All about body mass calculators and how they works

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A body mass calculator, or a BMI calculator, calculates the body mass index, or the BMI. Body mass index is the ratio of your mass in kilograms to the square of your height in meters. Alternatively, you can get the BMI by dividing the weight in pounds by the height in inches squared and then multiplying this by 703. This is important for people in the United States where pounds,…



January 2010

Using the internet to find schools, colleges, and libraries

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You can find schools, colleges, and/or libraries by simply walking around the town in search of one, by going through magazines, by getting recommendations from people who have previously used them, or by researching online. Each of these options has some advantages and disadvantages, but the advantages of finding schools, colleges, and/or libraries through the internet are more and the disadvantages are fewer. One reason you should find…



January 2010

Where you can get learning resources for math, science, history, art, and other subjects

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There are many sources of learning resources for subjects such as math, science, history, and art. However, not all the sources are convenient, not all are timely, not all are credible, and not all are reliable. You should know the different sources of such resources beforehand so that you can do comparisons to determine where you will get these learning resources. One source of learning resources is the internet with…