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January 2010

Harmful effects of common drugs

by Staff, on addiction, alcohol abuse, blood pressure, cancer, depressants, drugs, ecstasy, effects, heart, heartbeat, liver, lung, marijuana, problems, risk, stimulants, stomach, teens, tobacco smoke

Some of the common drugs that teens are involved in are alcohol, marijuana, heroine, cocaine, crack, amphetamines, methamphetamines, ecstasy, PCP, mushrooms, steroid, tobacco, Lysergic Acid Diethyl amide or LSD, Ritalin, and designer drugs. There are other drugs you should look at through this link. All teens and parents should know the facts – these drugs have side effects, even when taken in small quantities. Although different drugs have different effects on…



May 2008

Increased risks during summer vacation

by Staff, on marijuana, teen issues, teen problems

Summer vacation and unsupervised teens usually go hand in hand in the months following the last day of school. Statistics show a 40-percent increase in first-time youth marijuana use during June and July, compared to the rest of the year. Where there is more freedom, there is also more temptation. Statistics show youthful experimentation with drugs, tobacco and alcohol is most likely to occur during an unsupervised time when teens…



May 2008

Escalation from innocent to deadly

by Staff, on drugs, marijuana, teen issues, teenagers and drugs, troubled teenager

The use of marijuana by hippies is popularly known fact, it has been depicted in many Hollywood movies. It is also a highly effective way of making marijuana look innocent and benign to the eyes of teenagers. But let us also remember that cannabis is a very addicting drug that is believed to be a gateway drug to more potent and more dangerous drugs. Even the hippies themselves moved on…



May 2008

Hippies and drugs

by Staff, on drugs, hippies, marijuana, teen issues, teenagers and drugs, troubled teenagers

Hippies are a major part of modern American history and culture. They played, and are probably still playing, a big role in the arts, music, fashion and the overall contemporary culture. Since the 1960's hippies have existed as a counterculture of the mainstream population, but that doesn't mean that they are not widely accepted in the normal society. One of the most popular traditions of being a hippie is the…