Resources for parents of at-risk and troubled teens.




April 2011

Practical Advices for Parenting Louisiana Teens

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Moms and dads are often in need of advices on parenting that will help them deal with extreme teen behavior. Teenagers are unpredictable and it can be hard for Louisiana parents to control their kid’s temper. Constant change of mood, disrespect of parents and other authority figures and every day conflict can turn satisfaction of parenting little kids into a nightmare of parenting teens. Parent should prepare for…



April 2011

Guide for Disciplining Louisiana Teenagers

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When parents have their firstborn, they are usually confused and unsure of what they should do exactly. Soon, they learn their routine and raise their child properly. Some parents from Louisiana feel the same when their baby grow up and become a teenager. It seems that a child changed over the night and forgot everything he has been taught. Parents need to change their approach toward kids when they are…



April 2011

Usual Questions on Parenting Louisiana Teens

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Even most excellent parents, who really do a great job on raising children, need help sometimes, not to mention the ones that find parenting harder then they thought it would be. When their kids enter teen age, some parents from Louisiana feel like they are loosing control over their kids and they start asking themselves some simple questions, and they can’t seem to find answers. Answers to parenting…



April 2011

Parent Coaching for Parents in Louisiana

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Some Louisiana parents were skeptical about parent coaching, thinking that it is just a way of taking money, and that one can’t learn parenting, but later they admitted they were wrong. Parents, in fact, can learn about parenting, and it can help them become successful parents. It is not enough just to unconditionally love your kid and set a good example, anymore. The world became a big and…



April 2011

Some Positive Parenting Tips for Louisiana Parents

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Some of Louisiana parents are not handling problems with their teens very well, and they are in need of some positive parenting tips. Here are some basic tips that might be helpful in creating a positive child-parent relationship. Respect your children and treat them as individual persons, with mind and desires of their own. Understand that, even though they are a part of you, they may be different in many…



December 2007

Change Through Educational Opportunity

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If you want to help on raising your teen aged 13 to 18 years old, then Red River Academy may just be the boarding school that you have long been looking for. Red River Academy is located near the a red river in Louisiana, hence the name. This red rive runs through Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Louisiana. It is a few kilometers from Houston and Dallas, where the rural and…