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impulse control disorder



May 2008

Causes of impulse control disorder

by Staff, on ADHD, impulse control disorder, teen issues, troubled teenagers

Exact causes of impulse control disorders are unknown, but may be linked to genetics, family environment, and/or neurological factors. Some research suggests that impulse control disorders are linked to certain hormones, abnormal nerve impulses, and variations in brain chemistry and function. Children and adolescents who have had a severe head injury and who have epilepsy may be at greater risk of developing these disorders. In children and adolescents, impulse…



May 2008

Impulse control disorder

by Staff, on impulse control disorder, kleptomania, pyromania, teen issues, troubled teenagers

Impulse control disorders are a relatively new class of personality disorders characterized by an ongoing inability to resist impulses to perform actions that are harmful to oneself or others. The most common of these are intermittent explosive disorder, kleptomania, pyromania and compulsive gambling disorder. Also, Repetitive self-mutilation is considered by some experts to be a type of impulse control disorder. In this condition, people cause intentional harm to themselves through…