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February 2010

Concerns on Environmental Health

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Environmental health concerns refer to all aspects that affect the relationship between the environment and those who inhabit them ( The major health concerns include air quality, safety of body art materials such as tattoo ink and permanent body cosmetics such as implants, lead poisoning in children, the effects of climate change on human health and many other aspects of the natural and built environment.…



January 2010


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More and more people are becoming conscious of how they look and as such tried the wide array of cosmetic products and techniques that the market has to offer. Among important aspects of looks that people are concerned about is the skin tone and shade. It is believed that certain levels of exposure to the sun or ultraviolet rays is capable of producing a beautiful dark shade on the skin,…



January 2010

Smoking – Effects on Health and Appearance

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It’s amazing the kind of transformation one goes through once they enter into their teens. One starts experimenting with many things they consider ‘cool’ and if not carefully guided might end up doing lots of very regrettable stuff. Experimentation is normally precipitated by the feeling of independence that strikes everybody when they become teens. We all now start feeling like grown ups and want to do the things grown…



January 2010

Prom- Health and Safety tips

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Prom is that special day every teen waits for at the end of high school. It tops the list of special days and events for any high school teen and is one of the most important days for anyone’s life. A lot of thought and preparation goes into this day for many teens. So in order to ensure that it ends up a special day, it is important to…



January 2010

The best foods for active people

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Active people such as athletes need to eat well because their bodies need a lot of energy and because their bodies lose a lot of water. It is sometimes necessary to get a dietician, especially if you are very active. You should take a lot of water when exercising because the body loses a lot of water through sweat, and to cool the body because exercise causes overheating. Just as…



January 2010

Health effects of excessive drinking

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Excessive drinking has short term and long term effects. Alcoholism is a real disease, but it has cures. You should know your limit because excessive drinking is not only harmful to you, but also to other people. So, what health problems are associated with excessive alcohol use? Excessive drinking causes brain damage and other mental health problems over time. These mental problems include alcohol dependence where your body cannot perform…



January 2010

Health benefits of dieting

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Having a healthy diet not only gives your body nutrition and energy that is necessary for proper functioning, it has several health benefits. Other benefits are that a healthy diet lets you manage your weight and lets you enjoy your life. A healthy diet includes fruits and vegetables, fiber, whole grains, essential fats, and several minerals. Eating healthy shields you against different diseases. Our bodies are meant to ingest different…



January 2010

Health effects of the major environmental health concerns

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There government agencies such as the Environmental Protection Agency, the Food and Drug Administration, and the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, that have information on environmental health concerns across the country. It is important to know the effects of the major environmental health concerns so that you can see the seriousness of taking action. The website of EPA,, and the websites of FDA, NIEHS, and…



January 2010

Introduction of EPA Environmental Center to High School Students

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The Environmental Protection Agency, or EPA, has an Environmental Center for High School Students. This was created to serve varying purposes aimed at sensitizing high school kids on environmental issues and engaging them on the same. Detailed information on what EPA’s Environmental Center for High School Students is all about is contained in this link; EPA Student Center. One role of EPA Environmental Center for High School Students is…