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January 2010

National runaway switchboard

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Cases of young people who find it necessary to run away from home for whatever reason prompted the United States Federal Government to set up the National Runaway Switchboard (NRS). This is a confidential communication system that offers services to the runaways and also their relatives. The NRS receives calls from runaways or their relatives who may be reporting their plight. For most of the runaways, they seek a person…



January 2010

Determining Car’s Carbon Footprint

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There are different ways of determining your car’s carbon footprint. But why is this important? Global warming is caused by the greenhouse effect that greenhouse gases are having on the atmosphere. Carbon dioxide is the major greenhouse gas and the major emitter of this gas is motor vehicles. Global warming is causing climate change that is responsible for such things as flooding, food insecurity, devastation of coral reefs and…