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March 2011

What are the Statistics of Teen Drug and Alcohol Abuse in Florida?

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Statistic of drug and alcohol abuse is very important. Government, law enforcement, parents and teacher can use it to follow children’s activities and increase awareness of problem. Many treatment specialists, counselors and other professionals perform it. Here is the data from the spring of 2009, which shows that substance abuse among teens from Florida is on the rise, regarding the data from earlier years.   Most commonly abused…



March 2011

Over the Counter Drug Abuse is Just the Beginning for Florida Teens

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Great number of teenagers from Florida use drugs for non-medical purposes. It seems that they found a way to get high with cheap drugs, which they can even find in their home. Sometimes it is the beginning drug experimenting, sometimes prescription drugs are just the substitutes for the regular drugs they are taking.   In either way, over the counter drug abuse is a serious problem in Florida, as it…



March 2011

What Makes Teen Drug Addiction Terrifying in Florida

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There is a difference between drug abuse and drug addiction. Not every person that abuse drugs is necessarily an addict, but is probably on a way to become one. Every teenager that even try some of the drugs is at risk to develop an addiction, if continue using it.   This is how the drugs work. At first, it is just a one-time pleaser, with a short affect, and the…



March 2011

Approach to Parenting Your Teenager in Florida

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When a child gets to its teen years, it is probably the most difficult time in a life of a parent in Florida. Everything changes over night, and most parents are confused with the new situation in a family. Suddenly, your child got bigger, changed an appearance and behavior, doesn’t want to spend time with family, always complaining about something… That is what being a teenager is…



March 2011

Improving Relationship between Parents and Children in Florida

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Relationship between parents and children is among the most important few of all relationships there are. Link between them directly has an effect on both of them and building a strong, healthy relationship will make a good parent out of the child, some day. Most of the parents from Florida say that they feel connected to their children. In addition, more parents that agree with this statement have small children,…