Resources for parents of at-risk and troubled teens.




February 2010

Concerns on Environmental Health

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Environmental health concerns refer to all aspects that affect the relationship between the environment and those who inhabit them ( The major health concerns include air quality, safety of body art materials such as tattoo ink and permanent body cosmetics such as implants, lead poisoning in children, the effects of climate change on human health and many other aspects of the natural and built environment.…



January 2010

Job Safety for Teens

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The likelihood of sustaining a form of injury at work is much higher for teenagers than it is for adults placed in the same set of working conditions. Since most of  these teenagers will find themselves in periods of time when they will require to take up jobs especially during summer, it is necessary that guardians, employers and the youngsters to be familiar with job safety for teens. To start…



January 2010

Introduction of EPA Environmental Center to High School Students

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The Environmental Protection Agency, or EPA, has an Environmental Center for High School Students. This was created to serve varying purposes aimed at sensitizing high school kids on environmental issues and engaging them on the same. Detailed information on what EPA’s Environmental Center for High School Students is all about is contained in this link; EPA Student Center. One role of EPA Environmental Center for High School Students is…