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March 2010

“Look at me, I need your help”: Teen Suicide

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Being a parent with a teenager child, they are mostly concern with many things, because of the fact that teenager years usually surrounded with temptations or problems. Parents with teens in the family usually fret that their child might use drugs, smoke, depression, sex, grades and other more things that their child might do. But what is more very alarming is the status and prevalence of teen suicide nowadays. You…



March 2010

Your Child Might Have It: Teenage Depression

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Teenage depression is a very common incidence in teens nowadays and it generally affects anyone. Most of the parent with a teen already knows what teen depression is. They are already aware of the dangers depression might bring to their teens. If not, we have to inform them about teenage depression for them to prevent it from occurring. To start teaching parents with teens in their family we must first…



January 2010

Different cures for depression

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Depression is slowly becoming a global mental pandemic and it has different causes. Although man people do not view depression as a real disease, it is a disease and just like other diseases, it can be prevented and it has different cures. You should use a combination of different cures for the best results. You should seek medical advice before using a specific cure or when you are in deep…



April 2008

Symptoms of Serious Grief

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Sometimes teenagers could not really handle grief, especially if someone in the family just died. Getting over the sadness and pain is usually a longer process than expected. Unfortunately in some cases, mourning takes its toll. So how can you tell that your teenage kid is dealing with serious grief and loss? These are the symptoms: have difficulty sleeping and eating afraid of being alone withdrawal from daily activities and…



April 2008

How suicidals feel

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Parents should know that suicide is not just an instant decision or attempt, because a teenager is awfully in pain and he or she just wants to get rid of it. Suicide is actually a premeditated drastic and dangerous action. Of course, there are trigger factors that push further the intention of a teenager to do it. Also, suicide affects every faculty of an individual. For example,  his or her…