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March 2010

Teenage Eating Disorders, Too Common In the US

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Eating disorders are very common in the United States, too common according to the statistics. Now we have a major problem with teenage eating disorders. On average 1 out of 50 teenagers has an eating disorder. To get things clear, eating disorder is not someone trying to lose weight by trying to eat less than usual; eating disorders are very extreme eating behaviors. A simple example of mental side of…



March 2010

Bulimia: Binge/ Purge Cycle

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Bulimia or also known as Bulimia Nervosa is another psychological condition of eating disorder. It is very common in young people or in teens. The main characteristics of Bulimia is that they induced vomiting on their selves after eating a heavy meal just to get rid of the calories of the foods that they ingest, thus preventing weight gain. Person with bulimia experiences the cycle termed as binge/purge cycle…



April 2008

Questions to test bulimia

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Questions to ask to test if your kid has bulimia: Is she obsessed with the way she look, particularly her weight and body? Is she afraid when she starts eating, and eventually she won't be able to stop? Does food and dieting rule her life? Does she feel guilty, depressed and ashamed after she eats? Does she vomit or take laxatives to control her weight?…



March 2008

Binging vs. overeating

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Binging and overeating are different. These are the reasons: > Binge episodes happens regularly, at lest twice each week in a span of six months. > Individuals who binge feel upset during the process. The emotional overthrow completes a binge meal. >Binging people do not eat in public. For such individuals, eating is a private behavior rather than sharing it with family and friends. >Binge eaters eats because…