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October 2010

Teen Borderline Personality Disorder

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Teen Borderline Personality Disorder or BPD is a mental illness which is followed by mood swings, instability in relationships, instable self-image and frequent changes in behavior patterns. A teen with BPD is at risk of disrupting his life, work, his family life and his long term goals as planning is not well suited for people with BPD, also their self-image is distorted. Sometimes BPD is confused for various psychoses as…



October 2010

Warning Signs of Teen Depression

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We covered the teen depression statistics in the last post, but to understand teen depression better and to take the first step in dealing with teen depression we need to learn and understand the warning signs. We all feel sad or even moody, that is normal, but that doesn’t mean we are depressed. Depression is when those feelings stick around for a few weeks or even more. Since…



March 2008



March 2008

Bipolar depression

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A real depression has numerous differences from a depressive stage of bipolar. Thus, people with bipolar disorder also have a feeling of low energy. They mostly talk slowly and sleep a lot. If bipolar is associated with depression, it is most closely related to psychotic depression. In such a case, an individual usually loses his or her contact with reality. Take note of the signs of bipolar depression: Loss of…