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April 2011

Do Massachusetts Parents Show Signs of Bad Parenting?

by Staff, on bad, Massachusetts, parenting, parents, signs, teenagers, teens

When we see a child with bad behaving, normally we blame the parents. It isn’t always the case, but mostly it is – bad kids come from bad parents. Not every parent has prepared for being one, which is not a problem when he or she is willing to work on parenting skills. Problem occurs when a parent doesn’t want to be a good one. Neglecting…



March 2011

Do You Have Signs of Bad Parenting โ€“ Question for New York Parents

by Staff, on bad, new york, parenting, parents, risk, teenagers, teens, youth

Bad parenting is main thing that creates bad behavior in children. Most of the parents from New York are good, loving parents, but unfortunately – not all of them are. These parents put their children at risk of living an undisciplined life, with many psychological scars from their childhood. There are many signs of bad parenting. Parents are to study as many of them as they can, so they could…