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April 2011

How to Achieve Better Parenting in Maryland

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In order to have yourself better children, you need to become better parents. This means that it is not enough just to provide your kids everything they need materially, but emotionally too. Because, they might want you to buy them toys and pretty clothes, but what they really need is you and all the time you can afford to dedicate them. It is not easy for many of Maryland parents…



April 2011

Parent Coaching for Parents in Louisiana

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Some Louisiana parents were skeptical about parent coaching, thinking that it is just a way of taking money, and that one can’t learn parenting, but later they admitted they were wrong. Parents, in fact, can learn about parenting, and it can help them become successful parents. It is not enough just to unconditionally love your kid and set a good example, anymore. The world became a big and…



April 2011

Common Problems while Parenting Teenagers for Maine Parents

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When your child comes to teen age, many things will change in life of your family. New problems will appear, different habits will create, you will probably experience differences in a relationship with your kids… and for most Maine parents this is sudden and unexpected so soon. Today, it seems that kids grow faster than before. They seem mature and smarter for their age, and very often get angry…



April 2011

Some Positive Parenting Tips for Louisiana Parents

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Some of Louisiana parents are not handling problems with their teens very well, and they are in need of some positive parenting tips. Here are some basic tips that might be helpful in creating a positive child-parent relationship. Respect your children and treat them as individual persons, with mind and desires of their own. Understand that, even though they are a part of you, they may be different in many…



March 2011

Parents from New York Are Interested in Parenting Blogs

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Parenting blog is a website or part of website, which feature commentary and discussions especially about parenting. It is a form of an on-line diary, usually maintained by an individual, who often publish daily entries. Readers can post comments on each journal entry. Most of the authors of this type of blogs are women. Parenting blog is usually about communication between the writer and the readers of the blog, but…



March 2011

Satisfied Parents from Illinois After Parent Coaching

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Parenting is the most important job we will ever do in our lives, so we should make sure that we prepare ourselves for it. Society in which we raise our children has changed over the years, in a way that is making parenting job much harder. Many influences like internet and media are contributing to this problem. In order to make parenting better, many parents from Illinois ask parent coaches…



August 2010

Teen Self-Harming, No One Knows the Reason Why

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We have all seen or heard, or even witnessed teenagers with self inflicted cuts and bruises on the body. Most of us find it too difficult to comprehend. In fact it’s not just us, the regular parents, who don’t understand. Physiologists have determined the need for cutting and the effect of it, but how someone gets the idea is way beyond anyone’s grasp. That…



June 2010

Runaway Teens

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Kids that run away are increasing each year, and runaway kids have become a very serious problem in the US. One out of seven kids ages 10 to 18 will run away from home at some point. That is an alarming fact, even more alarming is the fact that there are somewhere in between one and three million kids living on the streets in the United States. So you have…



June 2010

Summer Safety Tips for Teens

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The summer is here, and all the kids are looking forward to a break from school, a vacation or plenty of other activities warm weather and free time have to offer. While this is the dream time of every teenager this is the nightmare time for most of the parents. There is no school, curfews are shorter, freedom for their teen children is knocking at the door. I have to…



May 2010

Rising Above Addiction

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There are a great number of people out there that has some form of addiction, drugs, alcohol, cigarettes or even eating. The fastest growing number of drug addicts is seen in teenagers, which is an alarming fact. Even a more alarming fact is that 90% of the teenagers that have a drug addiction won’t admit it to themselves that they have a problem, they are simply unaware of…