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October 2010

Pressuring Parents โ€“ How to Deal with Them

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We all want what is best for our kids, sometimes from that wish we become something else not so pleasant, boring and pressuring parents that don’t listen to their children. Well if your parents are like this and you feel pressured and yours and their opinions never match and you feel like you have to follow only their wishes there are certain things that need to change. First…



October 2010

Treating Teen Depression

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When teen depression is determined it is important to get appropriate therapy. In some cases group therapy is necessary, in other even medication is an option, but one thing is absolutely necessary, and that is that the teen is comfortable with the treatment or it will not be a successful one. In most cases teen depression is treated with medication. The most common type of medication give to depressed teens…



October 2010

Preventing Teen Depression

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There is no method that will guarantee the prevention of depression, but there are plenty of things you can do to greatly reduce the chances of teen depression. There are genetic causes of teen depression and life causes that surround us, obviously genetic ones cannot be changed, but we can influence the things around us to diminish the chances of depression episode. In order to prevent teen depression we have…



October 2010

Causes of Teen Depression

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The causes of depression in general are not quite determined from the scientific point of view, but some of the major factors have been identified, especially when we talk about teen depression. Well, there is not only one cause; there are several causes that are combined that lead to teen depression. Some of the factors are emotional while others are clearly of physical origin. The most common cause of teen…



October 2010

Warning Signs of Teen Depression

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We covered the teen depression statistics in the last post, but to understand teen depression better and to take the first step in dealing with teen depression we need to learn and understand the warning signs. We all feel sad or even moody, that is normal, but that doesn’t mean we are depressed. Depression is when those feelings stick around for a few weeks or even more. Since…



October 2010

Statistics and Fact about Teen Depression

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More and more teens are officially having depression issues; in fact, depression is the number one mental health disorder in the world for both adults and teens. As such it causes a great risk for out teen youth. To better understand this problem we will present you with some statistics and facts about teen depression. -    One fifth of all teenagers will have serious depression problems -&…



October 2010

Treatment for Teen Drug Abuse Problem

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If your teen has a drug abuse issue you need to provide a treatment for him or her. There are two types of treatments your teen will have to go depending on his drug abuse history and seriousness, short term drug abuse treatment and long term drug abuse treatment. When looking for a drug abuse treatment program it is important to take into consideration the drugs that your teen used…



October 2010

Preventing Teenage Drug Abuse

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We already covered the warning signs of teen drug abuse, if you are sure that your teen is abusing drugs you need to stop him, but how do we prevent that from ever happening. How do we prevent out teens from using drugs? Like we said, it all starts at home, if you want to be an influence on your child you need to have a close relationship with your…



October 2010

Warning Signs of Teen Drugs Abuse

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We all know that teen drug abuse is a serious problem that is always on the rise. It seems like most of our efforts are vain, but they are not. You have to realize that more than 90% abuse problems are stopped and prevented in home. So in order to make sure that your child is not abusing drugs you have to look for the warning signs. All of the…



October 2010

How to Know If You Have a Substance Abuse Issue

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Many teens become scared to death once they realize they have a problem with substance abuse, but most of them often deny that. It is very often that teens don’t realize the seriousness of the situation. If at any time you had someone like a family member or a friend tell you that you have a problem with drugs and alcohol it is the right time to think…