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November 2010

Teen Pregnancy Questions – The Most Sought Pregnancy Q&A

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Teen sex education is regular in most schools, but even so it seems that teens either don’t pay attention or the education is not up to the task. There are over 100,000 teen pregnancy Q&A asked each month, which shows that teens are interested in certain things about pregnancy but have no one else to ask or another place to find out. The anonymity of…



November 2010

Teenage Pregnancy Statistics – At Risk Youth

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We are all aware that teen pregnancy is a serious issue we deal with every day. But not all of us know that US is the leading country in the world with teen pregnancy. US have the highest teen pregnancy rates in the world; just looking at the teen pregnancy statistics can give you a heart attack. We are talking about real at risk youth; the ones that simply fail…



November 2010

Dealing with Rebellious Teens

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The teen years present the crossroad stage for children; these are the years when they gradually turn into adults. This is a very critical point in their life and as such it is normal for them to go through various physical and mental stages, so in other words, it is normal for teens to develop a rebellious and defiant behavior. Teens reach a stage where they feel that they can…



November 2010

Parents Guide to Teen Behavior Modification

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Behavior modification is a process used for troubled teens and it involves certain strategies meant to properly address the behavioral issues the teens are presenting. The goal is to change the negative behavior pattern and turn it into a positive behavior pattern. Unlike adults with behavioral issues, teens have a high chance of success with behavior modification therapies. Behavior modification therapy is also meant for teens with disorders like ODD…



November 2010

Dealing with Teen Oppositional Defiant Disorder

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Teen oppositional defiant disorder or ODD is a disorder recognized by constant disobedience, lack of respect towards authority and burst of violent behavior. We know that our children will be disobedient from time to time, it happens when our children reach the age of 2 or 3 and once again in teen years. It usually happens because our children are hungry, tired, and with teens when they are stressed, which…



November 2010

At Risk Teens – Treatment for Troubled Teens

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Troubled teenager is a phrase used to describe many types of issues teens face. A troubled teen or at risk teen can be anyone having to deal with learning disabilities, drug and alcohol abuse, anger issues, and almost anything you may think of regarding a teen issue that none of us would find positive. So where do we get treatment for our troubled teens? Well it all depends on the…



November 2010

Effective Parenting – Road to Discipline

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Self-discipline is one thing that children obtain with difficulty; the only way to get to self-discipline is through effective parenting. Effective parenting will make sure that they self-discipline issue is taken care of by teaching their children about interrupting others, not controlling their mouth and being generally wild. But these are all the things to be expected of a small child, after all they are impulsive, but a teen child…



November 2010

Join a Parents Forum and Enhance Your Parenting Skills

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As our children grow up, parents need to grow with them as well. Certain things that used to work when our kids were 7 will not work now when our children entered the teen years, we need to adapt but still remain an authority, which can be really hard. Most parents seek help and advice from their parents and friends, but we can all find support and learn new things…



November 2010

Child Discipline – The Road to Successful Parenting

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Child discipline is the biggest part of parenting, and it is the most important part of successful parenting. But today's parents find themselves confused and puzzled and have no clue what to do with their teens. Child discipline is needed, love and affection along with positive discipline can make your teens into young adults that know what self-control is, that can be depended on and know how to…



November 2010

Teen Drivers – Greatest Road Hazard

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Teenage drivers are the greatest hazard for the roads. Teens make up approximately around 7% of the entire driving population, but they are responsible for over 20% of all motor vehicle accidents in the US. 14% of all deaths related to motor vehicle accidents are caused by teens. These are just some of the frightening facts related to teen drivers. Well, not all teens are like that, but it is…