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April 2010

Communicating With Your Teen Child, a Long Forgotten Art

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Many teen problems start in their own home, unfortunately many parents won't admit that, so they blame it on the school, teachers, friends, but in the end parents need to take most of the responsibility. The reason why that is a fact is because parents have forgotten how to communicate with their children. As our kids are now part of the internet generation we were once a part of the…



April 2010

Teen Job Hunting and Money Management

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Many parents think about the right time for their children to start earning for themselves, to get a feel for their own money and how difficult and important it is to know the importance of money. It really is a difficult question to answer, but most common age would be high school, once your child is in high school it can handle a summer job. Finding a summer job is…



March 2010

Teen Volunteers

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There are a rising number of teen volunteers each year and we should be proud of that. It is really nice to see so many teenagers helping out and learning something new.  For all those that are wondering why should they volunteer and for all those that don’t know what they can get from that, aside helping others, here is a short insight into teen volunteers. First of all…



March 2010

Raising the Driving Age Limit?

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One of the most talked about issues in the past few weeks has been the driving age, when should kids get their drivers license. We will know soon what they decided, but depending on state to state of course the minimum driving age might be raised to 17 or 18 year old. To understand why that is now the issue we will talk about some statistics and reasons why driving…



March 2010

Teenage Eating Disorders, Too Common In the US

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Eating disorders are very common in the United States, too common according to the statistics. Now we have a major problem with teenage eating disorders. On average 1 out of 50 teenagers has an eating disorder. To get things clear, eating disorder is not someone trying to lose weight by trying to eat less than usual; eating disorders are very extreme eating behaviors. A simple example of mental side of…



March 2010

Teen Pregnancy, Being Informed is More Than Necessary

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Teen pregnancy is appearing as a rising problem once more. From 1992 to 2005 the number of pregnant teens was falling, but since 2006 onwards the number is on the rise again. The question is how to get it falling again, the answer is still the same, sexual education. Teenagers need to be aware of the consequences of teenage pregnancy and they also need to be aware how to avoid…