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July 2010

Wilderness Programs, A Good Way to Help Your Teen

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Many parents struggle with their teens that don’t know what to do with themselves. You probably had to deal with your teen child a couple of times with his or hers brand new ideas that make your hair stand up straight. Or you had to deal with a teenager that lacks motivation and general interest in anything; these teens need a little push in the right direction. Now…



July 2010

Teen Mental Help, the Warning Signs

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Most parents go into the teen years unprepared and they feel overwhelmed when their teenagers start changing. Other parents prepare for the teen years but still don’t know what hit them. Changes are inevitable, parents know that so they deal with it on some level, but our teen children have no idea what is happening, which makes the situation much harder. [caption id="attachment_756" align=…



July 2010

Teen Insomnia, Sleeping Problems

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You probably noticed that your kid isn’t getting enough sleep, in most cases that is normal, your kid is just overloaded or likes to stay up at night. In some cases that may be because of a sleep disorder. Although it may sound normal or worrying, it is in fact a bad thing for teens, especially if it happens over a longer period of time. If the sleepless…



July 2010

A New Threat for Boys, the Adonis Complex

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Over the years our looks have been emphasized and pushed to the limits, it is not enough that we have to deal with teen and child obesity, but we also have to worry if all that pressure coming from the media will make our children the total opposite. We have the right to be worried, after all that is exactly what is happening. From one side we have experts telling…



July 2010

Eating Disorders You Never Heard Of

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Every parent is worried about his child, that is how parenting goes, and we are never sure if we are worrying enough as there is always something new we learn about. One of the most common worries of a parent is his child’s eating, is he eating enough, is he eating too much, does he have a disorder, maybe anorexia, obesity, or something else. Parents today are mostly…



July 2010

Abused Teenagers, Things They Go Through

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It is a common fact that if we do something too much and too often, no matter how bad it is, people will sooner or later start ignoring it, or as some will say, we got used to it. Well, there are some things we can never, we should never, get used to, like child abuse or abuse in general. There is more to abuse than just physical abuse, hitting…



July 2010

Dealing with Addiction, What Types are there?

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There are a large number of teenagers dealing with addiction today; in fact over 60% of teenagers have some sort of addiction. Don’t get confused, we are not talking only about alcohol, drug or tobacco addiction, there are many more types of addictions. The biggest problem with other types of addiction is not knowing that you have one, it is much harder to notice than with drug addiction.…



July 2010

Teens Dealing With Divorce

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You all know how much a divorce of parents can influence a child; you’ve heard stories or experienced it yourself for sure. This is a great change and it can bring a great deal of stress to a child, and since the rate of divorce in the US is so great, half of the marriages end in divorce, there are a lot of stressed teenagers in the Us…



March 2010

Cyber-bullying, New Threat for Teens

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We all know that bullying is one of the biggest problems our teenagers go through in school. Well, most of us know, unfortunately some of us are proud parents of children that do the bullying and close a blind eye to that. That needs to stop, because teenagers are getting more sensitive and at the same time bullying is getting harsher. The consequences of bullying are not just children that…



March 2010

Teen Volunteers

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There are a rising number of teen volunteers each year and we should be proud of that. It is really nice to see so many teenagers helping out and learning something new.  For all those that are wondering why should they volunteer and for all those that don’t know what they can get from that, aside helping others, here is a short insight into teen volunteers. First of all…