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September 2010

Understanding and Coping with Rejection

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When the rejection subject is brought up people tend to focus on big rejections like failing to enroll into a college or not being invited to prom, but it is a fact that seemingly little things often lead to feeling of rejection. How many times have you told a joke that didn’t make anyone laugh, it surely didn’t feel so good. Things like this or forgetting…



September 2010

Teen Substance Abuse Study Reveals New Facts

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A recent study showed that there is a great difference in teen substance abuse on the racial and ethnic level. The study showed that most likely race to drink; smoke and use drugs are Hispanic teens. The study conducted in California also revealed that the least likely to fall for substance abuse were Asian teens. The cause of this new study was the lack of faith in the current intervention…



September 2010

Teenage Dropouts, Facts to Know

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We still have the problem with teenage dropouts, although most think that this is an issue of the past as the recent studies showed that dropouts were at a decline, the new results show that the percentage of dropouts declined only 2% in the last 10 years. We have over 6,000 teenage drop out of school each day, which is a horrifying number. The fact that this didn’…



September 2010

5 Most Common Issues Parents Have to Deal with Their Teens

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When we say 5 most common issues people will automatically think about drug abuse, other types of substance abuse, low grades and school problems and any other tough situation that might pop into your head. But the fact is that they are not near the top five most common issues parents deal with every day when their teenagers are in question, they are more common then you can imagine and…



September 2010

Does it Seem Like Your Teen Hates You?

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Every parent knows that he should be careful when his children start approaching ten years, and they know that it will be hard. We all know that, but we manage to make ourselves believe that our children are different and that they will never talk back, never get in trouble or never do something like get a tattoo or start smoking. Guess what, 99% of us are wrong, we all…



August 2010

Teen Self-Harming, No One Knows the Reason Why

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We have all seen or heard, or even witnessed teenagers with self inflicted cuts and bruises on the body. Most of us find it too difficult to comprehend. In fact it’s not just us, the regular parents, who don’t understand. Physiologists have determined the need for cutting and the effect of it, but how someone gets the idea is way beyond anyone’s grasp. That…