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March 2010

Teenage Eating Disorders, Too Common In the US

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Eating disorders are very common in the United States, too common according to the statistics. Now we have a major problem with teenage eating disorders. On average 1 out of 50 teenagers has an eating disorder. To get things clear, eating disorder is not someone trying to lose weight by trying to eat less than usual; eating disorders are very extreme eating behaviors. A simple example of mental side of…



March 2010

Things to know about Anorexia

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Anorexia Nervosa is a condition of eating disorder among teenagers nowadays. Teenagers are the major group that is affected by this condition. Anorexia is plainly defined as the refusal to eat maybe because teenagers have the intense fear of gaining weight or becoming fat and fear of maintaining their current body weight or maybe they have an obsessive fear of gaining weight. Other than an intense fear of gaining weight,…



March 2008

Eating disorder test

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This could be a very helpful to know whether you have an eating problem or not. Take note that this does not exactly conclude a diagnosis. Professional consultation is still recommended: Do you make yourself sick because you feel uncomfortably full? _ No Sometimes __ Often Do you worry you have lost control over your food consumption? _ No Sometimes __ Often Have you recently lost more than 15 lbs. in a 3 month…