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January 2010

Harmful effects of common drugs

by Staff, on addiction, alcohol abuse, blood pressure, cancer, depressants, drugs, ecstasy, effects, heart, heartbeat, liver, lung, marijuana, problems, risk, stimulants, stomach, teens, tobacco smoke

Some of the common drugs that teens are involved in are alcohol, marijuana, heroine, cocaine, crack, amphetamines, methamphetamines, ecstasy, PCP, mushrooms, steroid, tobacco, Lysergic Acid Diethyl amide or LSD, Ritalin, and designer drugs. There are other drugs you should look at through this link. All teens and parents should know the facts – these drugs have side effects, even when taken in small quantities. Although different drugs have different effects on…



May 2008

Who is at risk of sexual addiction?

by Staff, on addiction, dopamin, sex, sexual addiction, sexual experience

Sexual addiction, according to the medical community does not exist. It does not exist in a sense that it has no clear definition and that medical practitioners are not in complete agreement with one another on its symptoms and diagnostic criteria. Common sense dictates that a person cannot be addicted to something if they have not tried or experienced it so i guess it is safe to say that, anyone…



April 2008

The major risk factors

by Staff, on addiction

Who are very vulnerable with addiction? Take note that the risk for addiction is greater among adolescents, women and old people. Here are some of the major risk factors for addiction: family history addiction fatigue or overwork medical condition that needs pain medication poverty dependency depression poor self-esteem obesity…