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October 2010

Statistics and Fact about Teen Depression

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More and more teens are officially having depression issues; in fact, depression is the number one mental health disorder in the world for both adults and teens. As such it causes a great risk for out teen youth. To better understand this problem we will present you with some statistics and facts about teen depression.

-    One fifth of all teenagers will have serious depression problems
-    Over 10% of all teens are suffering from depression at this moment
-    Over 5% of teens are having serious depression issues at this moment
-    While 5% of the general population suffers from depression over the course of one year or more, that number for teens is above 8%
-    More than half of the teens that suffer from depression will have a serious depression episode before they reach adulthood, those episodes last for 8 months or more.
-    15% of teens with depression develop bipolar disorder
-    Some teens (a very small percentage) suffer from seasonal depression, mostly during the winter

Teen depression doesn’t choose, gender, income, race, social status, none of that makes teens immune to depression. Girls have reported to have more issues with depression, but they are better at dealing with it and seeking help, while boys, although in smaller numbers, have a harder time dealing with depression.

For boys and girls different factors are causes of depression, usually because of expectations from boys and girls and their difference, some of the known risk factors of a teen depression episode include:

-    History of depression
-    Trauma
-    Abuse
-    Disability
-    Family history of depression
-    Over one third of teens that suffer from depression have a history of depression in the family
-    Mental disorders
-    Drug addiction and substance abuse
-    Anxiety

There is a great chance of developing other mental health issues because of untreated depression, like the above mentioned bipolar disorder. Some other issues caused by teen depression are:

-    One out of three teens with depression issues will develop a substance abuse problem
-    Depressed teens are less likely to move on in life and make successful careers
-    They are more likely to struggle with their relationships
-    Depression often leads to suicide, in fact it is the number one cause
-    90% of suicide victims have a form of mental illness, those with depression are 10 times more likely to attempt suicide

The fact remains that teen depression is a serious issue that needs to be addressed. A very alarming teen depression fact is that one out of three teens won’t get any help. Seeing that over 80% of teens with depression issues can be treated that is a very high number. These teen depression statistics will help you realize the seriousness of the issue. Staff