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April 2011

Some Positive Parenting Tips for Louisiana Parents

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Some of Louisiana parents are not handling problems with their teens very well, and they are in need of some positive parenting tips. Here are some basic tips that might be helpful in creating a positive child-parent relationship.

Respect your children and treat them as individual persons, with mind and desires of their own. Understand that, even though they are a part of you, they may be different in many ways, especially when they reach teen age and start to explore them self and the world around them.

Communicate on mature level with your children and treat them appropriately for their age. Teens want you to treat them as if they are adults. You have to explain to them that adulthood is not just about privileges, but responsibilities, too.

Best way to teach them about those responsibilities is to give them examples. If you do smoke or drink, do not do that in front of them. Kids tend to copy bad habits from their parents, first. Everything you do should be responsible and good, so it reflects positive on your children.

Your children will spend less time with you when they become teenagers. In order to stay close to them, you have to adapt to their interests. Find out what they like to do in Louisiana and suggest doing those things together.

Teen age can be hard for many parents. Contact some other parents with older children and ask for some positive parenting tips from them, learn how they managed to go through this (for many) difficult period of life.

Sometimes you have to watch your teens as if they still are babies, as they to tend to neglect some of their habits regarding hygiene and health. Make sure they still brash their teeth and feed them with healthy food, in order to keep them healthy and fulfill your role in positive parenting.

Try to keep them interested in sports and books, as in teen age, popular music will come at first place, and teen’s hobby is often – doing nothing. Make sure that music they listen is the one they really like, not just the one that everybody listens. This is important because the music can be inspiring to them, and it can make us creative, as well as destructive.

Monitor your teens as much as you can. What do they do in their free time and who are their friends. They want to explore and try everything, and you have to make sure that this exploring does not take them to drug and alcohol abuse problem. You should also teach them about safe sex and consequences of premature sex. Staff