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February 2011

Some Good Parenting Tips for Parent in California

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If you are a parent from California, raising your child may be very difficult to you. Sometimes you may feel lost, and don’t know what is the right thing to do. Perhaps you just can’t find time to do all your errands and still commit yourself to your child. Perhaps you have done everything you could, but still you are not completely satisfied. Here are some tips we hope you will find useful.

- Put parenting first – Good parents are good in planning their time. You have to balance time you need for your job, for yourself and time you spend with your kids. They need your attention, so play or talk to them whenever your can. If you lack of time, you can even organize them in helping with household activities.

- Be a good example – Children mostly learn and develop habits by modeling. They will look up to your actions and justify their own actions based on what you do. You can not blame your children for doing something wrong if you did not show them how it is supposed to be done.

- Monitor what your children are absorbing – Sometimes it looks like children’s brain is made of sponge. California is not the state with highest moral values. You have to control what they absorb through television, internet, books and even songs they are listening to. These things can have great influence to children and have major roll in building their character and development of moral values. Use the clear language of right and wrong

-  Show love even when punishing – When punishing your children, make them know that you are doing that out of love and fear for them. Without punishment, children can make same mistakes again, so help them understand what punishment is for.

- Reward your children appropriate – Do not just punish your kids, but try to reward any good action. They need to feel their work is acknowledged and they are important and equal members of family. Do not put your achievements first, or they will feel like they have to compete with you.

- Listen to your children – Take your children seriously. Don’t tell them you don’t have the time to listen to them. Find time, as it is very important to show them that their opinion matters. They will also have a lot of questions. Try to give them simple and meaningful answer.

- Get Involved in school life – Try to keep familiar about their education progress. Help them with their homework, hire a tutor if necessary. Make them understand the importance of learning and knowledge, together with hobbies and other activities. Also, do not push them too hard. Your child cannot be good at everything.

- Family meal is important – Dying of family meal is on the rise in California. Dinner table is not just the place where children get all the right ingredients they need, but also the place they learn manners, and where family is getting together on regular bases. Staff