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January 2010

Smoking – Effects on Health and Appearance

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It’s amazing the kind of transformation one goes through once they enter into their teens. One starts experimenting with many things they consider ‘cool’ and if not carefully guided might end up doing lots of very regrettable stuff. Experimentation is normally precipitated by the feeling of independence that strikes everybody when they become teens. We all now start feeling like grown ups and want to do the things grown ups do without having to answer to anybody.

One of the experimental stuff most teens are tempted to try or actually do is smoking. This despite all the health warnings and information on the harmful nature of cigarettes we have today. One of the major driving factors for teens who experiment in smoking is how ‘cool’ it seemingly is. Most teens before they know better find smokers ‘cool’ people. This perception owes a large part to movies and similar literature that portray smokers as ‘cool’.

Well whether as a teen or a parent to a teen there are several things about smoking that should be made clear to the teen in question. It has been proven countless times that information is the best weapon for anybody whenever confronted with decisions to make. With smoking the same rule applies. For any independent minded person, threats and warnings do very little. Information is the best way.

One important fact to note is that the reason we have millions of people still smoking despite all the information about the ills of smoking today is the fact that once you start it is very hard to quit. This is mainly because of the presence of nicotine in cigarettes. Nicotine is one of the most addictive drugs and once the body gets used to it, one will find they really have to have some to even feel normal. This makes quitting a very tough task. It is infinitely much easier not to start than stopping.

Another important thing to note is that a person’s body is very allergic to harmful toxins or inputs in general. In the beginning when one tries smoking it is not uncommon to see them coughing and even feeling sick or vomiting. The body is simply reacting to unwanted inputs. It is perhaps the best indicator of what awaits a smoker once they make it a habit. If one was to compare the lungs of a non-smoker and a smoker they would never dream of lighting up.

For any smoker, the consequences of smoking increase with time. Many of them soon develop health problems that they never would have had they not started smoking. Diseases like Cancer (lung, throat, colon, bladder etc), heart attack, stroke, emphysema and many more like bronchitis and pneumonia are very much associated with smoking and it is easy to se the effect they can have on their general health and well being. It is said smoking takes as much as 10 years off a person’s life.

If you are a smoker and intend to quit there are many ways you could do so. You could simply stop or you could quit slow by reducing the number of cigarettes smoked though this might not be the best way. The first few days after quitting smoking are the toughest and don’t worry if you relapse at times. The important thing is to find the discipline and the focus to quit for good.

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