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September 2010

Single Parent and Teens

by Staff, on at risk youth, dealing with teens as a single parent, Single Parent and Teens, single parenting, single parents with teens, teens and single parents

Every single parent knows how difficult parenting can be, that hardship doubles or triples once your children become teens. Each single thing can turn into an issue and the frustration can reach its limits. Being a single parent is a hard job, and the worst part of it is that all the pressure comes down to you.

Maybe the hardest thing is the fact that you have to make all of the decisions on your own. It can be really difficult to choose the path and guide your teen to success on your own. Great deal of stress and frustration comes from the fact that all of the mood swings of your teen children will reflect on you and it can be hard at sometimes to keep your sanity. It is a fact that teens with a single parent are more likely to stray off the right path due to lack of discipline and emotional support, so to ensure that your teens future is safe here are some tips on how to handle your teen and how to make sure he or she stays on the right path.

We all need a place to go to or a person or persons to turn to when things get rough and we need advice, which is why it is important to have some family or friends or even a support group of other single parents where you can share and ask for advice. You need to find a place where you can get some positive opinions and return to your home ready to deal with the situation in the best possible manner, sometimes family isn’t the best choice, but you will know that better than anyone.

In order to deal with your ever changing teens you need to be on your best, but that will be impossible if you don’t find a place to went your frustrations and negative energy. So find something where you can let all the negative energy out, go to the gym, run, basically, just find some time for yourself where you can relax.

One thing that bothers most of single parents is when other adults get involved in their child’s life. This is not a thing to get worked up about, in some cases that may even be very helpful. Also, you need to be able to have the time to spend with your child and talk to him or her about everything good and bad.

The bottom line is that if you are organized you can cope with being a single parent better than any regular families can with their teen children. This is very important as you need to set a good example for your teen and make sure he stays on the right path, it is very easy for teens with a single parent to give in to drugs, alcohol and other negative types of behavior, so be sure to put a stop to that. Staff