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January 2010


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Sexuality might refer to the manner in which people express themselves as sexual beings. Normally such tendency, behavior or feelings start exhibiting themselves in adolescent years and in so doing has been the cause of many conflicts between parents and their teen children.

It is without doubt that the most explosive and conflict prone years for many parents and their children is when the children are in their teens. Many parents today struggle with how to manage their sexually alert teens and this has been the one of the most discussed subjects among parents and even teens.

Research has continued to show that when parents are more open and willing to talk to their teen children about sexuality while displaying understanding for what their teens are going through, the teens are most likely to end up more responsible and confident adults.

It has been proven that the best ways for any parent to manage their teen’s sexuality is to avail as much accurate information as possible to them on sexuality. Teens who are parented or managed in such a way normally end up engaging in more responsible sexual encounters and in most cases this is normally much delayed till when they are past their teens.

While there is no denying that sexuality as a topic to be discussed between any parents and their teens is normally an awkward one, it is important for parents to be willing to guide their teens through this phase since it is often a bewildering one for many teens and it is also one of the most important phases of development for any person. It is important to note that if they do not learn about sexuality from their parents, teens will get information elsewhere and the possibility of such information being misleading is obvious.

It is also important to note that the decisions a person makes in his or her teen years are most likely to have a permanent impact on the rest of his or her life. A teen pregnancy, an abortion, an STD and even God forbid HIV; such are the few examples of life changing incidences related to sexuality. The facts in support of parents taking an active role in their teens’ sexuality could be considered limitless.

While many parents have been blamed for not taking the initiative to sex educate their children, it must be mentioned that in many other instances, the teen is the problem. There are many teens today who are unwilling to discuss such sexuality issues with their parents and many parents have often been frustrated on what to do in such situations. One of the best online sites in which a parent could search for such answers is This website is purely dedicated to helping parents find practical and effective solutions to problems they might encounter while endeavoring to educate their teens on sexuality.

It is also important to note that it is not possible that the parent can be the only source of information on sexuality for the teen. We live in a world today where there are literally thousands of information sources available to anyone on any topic. So it is important for the parents and even the teens to identify the best sources of information on sexuality to ensure they get the best information and advice.

For more information, one can visit where they can find more information on sexuality by clicking on the link by the same name which will take them to which contains lots of very useful information for any teen. Staff