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June 2010

Runaway Teens

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Kids that run away are increasing each year, and runaway kids have become a very serious problem in the US. One out of seven kids ages 10 to 18 will run away from home at some point. That is an alarming fact, even more alarming is the fact that there are somewhere in between one and three million kids living on the streets in the United States. So you have to ask yourself, where are we heading, why is that happening, why do kids run away from home?

The fact is that kids that run away from home are not bad kids; most of the kids that run away have had a fight with their parents, or are ashamed of something they’ve done. Most of the kids run away because of a problem at home. Here is the list of the most common reasons why teens run away from home:

-    Divorce of parents or the arrival of a new stepparent
-    Abuse
-    Death situation in the family
-    New baby in the family
-    Family financial problems
-    Kids with substance abuse problems, alcohol or drugs
-    Kids of parents who have substance abuse problems
-    School trouble
-    Peer pressure
-    Failing at school or dropping out of school

The fact is that most kids have to deal with one or more of these problems, but not all of them manage to deal with it in a positive manner or in some other way, some of the kids feel like they have no other solution than to run away from home.

Most of the kids who think about running away think that all of their problems will be solved, there will be no one to bully them, no one to tell them what to do, they think of it as freedom. The fact is that those kids are going to face new kind of problems like not having money, a place to sleep or food to eat. In those situations people become desperate, so most kids will turn to crime, violence or just about anything so they can survive.

A big number of teens that run away from home get hooked on drugs and alcohol and some even get infected with severe diseases like AIDS. Kids who run away have to deal with much more problems than they did at home, although in some cases it may not seem like it. Thinking about the problem and a way to solve it is always the best solution, running away will most definitely get you in trouble, so think about the alternative.

Talking to a friend, a counselor or even your parents may change your situation significantly. But first and foremost, whenever you get the thought of running away, think long and hard about what is written here and what troubles and hardships await you if you do so. There is always another solution, you just have to find it, and the best way to find that solution is to reach for help. Staff